Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Way the World Was

As I sit here sipping on my water bottle full of Fluid, browsing possible club sponsorship deals I realize that the changes in the sport world are getting worse. When did the athletic world decide that Soda type drinks are ok for pre-workout? When did HFCS replace natural sugars in our sports drinks? The original endurance athletes of the world survived their sport with three basic ingredients: Sugar, Protein, and of course Water. Obviously with the changes in the sport science community there was been huge advances, creating more diverse yet healthy additives for sports drinks. Flavoring is essential for the market place because lets face it, if it tastes bad, it wont sell. So to make a legitimate sports drink do you really need the overdose of corn syrup? Health is more important that energy and with the correct drink and correct diet you can obtain much higher levels of energy. And when your done with your workout, don't reach for a jug of milk that has more additives than you can imagine. Try Fluid, try something, anything new! Prolong your athletic career, prolong your life.

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