Thursday, August 21, 2008


Hey Guys,

We are proud to announce that we have formed a partnership with a fantastic organization,

A noble company based out of the southwest of the United States, AZ, TRI PHX puts on multisport events that support and donate proceeds to charities such as the V foundation for cancer research.

To our friends and family in the Phoenix area, TRI PHX is planning races for the upcoming year that are sure to be a blast; not to mention the cause behind the races.

We at Fluid and truly proud to be a part of TRI PHX and look forward to a long relationship between both organizations. Make sure to check out their website and blog!!

Berry Treasure Available for Pre-Order

Hey Everyone!

We are proud to announce the release of our second flavor in the Fluid Recovery Family; Berry Treasure!!

While still being made from 100% Natural Ingredients, Berry Treasure packs a fantastic new taste. A mixture of berries that truly tastes great!

The Berry Treasure is available for pre-order right now!

Click here to Pre-Order

Now the only question is..

Have You Found Your Berry Treasure?

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Jarrod Shoemaker Finishes 18th

Great News Everyone!!!!

Fluid athlete Jarrod Shoemaker placed 18th at the Beijing Olympics today. While earning his top twenty finish, Shoemaker was also the second American to finish behind Hunter Kemper who placed seventh. Jarrod finished with an overall time of 1:50:46 which was only two minutes behind Gold Medal Winner, Germany's Jan Frodeno. Jarrod's time splits were; Swim: 18:19 Bike 58:47 Run 32:27.

We at Fluid could not be more proud of our elite athlete Jarrod Shoemaker. While showing his grit and determination on such a global scale, we can truly see that all of Jarrod's hard work has paid off. Only being 25 years old, gives the impression that this is the only the beginning for Jarrod and we look to be in his corner along the way.

Great job Jarrod, we are sure that all of your friends and family are as proud of you as we all are!

Thank you for being a part of Team Fluid!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Tour Of Utah Day 4 & 5 Report

Stage 4, as predicted was tortuous.

Brian Forbes succumbed with a time cut after struggling with a mechanical (not to mention all the mountains). Jake and Kyle were able to complete the stage with Jake reporting a 4,000 kJ day, for those of you who speak that language. Kiel Reijnen lost some time on the leaders of the Best Young rider competition slipping to 4th.The stage saw several riders "DNF" or be eliminated by the time cut. Featured is a pic from Friday's criterium showing Brian Forbes in a move with a Jittery Joes and Hagens Berman riders.

The final stage 5

Consisting of a short 7.5 individual time trial did not affect the standing of RIDECLEAN. Three RIDECLEAN riders finished "America's Toughest Stage Race." Congrats to them!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Wait...what is all this Tour of Utah RideCLEAN stuff?

Hello Friends!

Ok, it just occurred to us at Fluid that you may have no idea what we're talking about with all this Tour of Utah biz...

Here's the deal - Fluid is about more than a really good recovery drink. Fluid is about honesty, health, and progression in sports and sports science. The option of cheating in competition in sport has existed as long as sport itself, but has become more prevalent in recent history as the monetary stakes have risen. Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens, Marion Jones, Tyler Hamilton - all heroes at one time or another in different sports, found later to have used a banned substance to get them to their competitive peak.

Several months ago, Fluid founders David Brown and Richard Smith pledged to spearhead a campaign on education, innovation, and clean sport rather than shortcuts. The very next day, they were introduced to the founders of RideCLEAN by total coincidence. RideCLEAN is an organization committed to promoting CLEAN sport through education and top tier clean athlete examples. No cheating, no shortcuts, just fair competition and lots of it. Their roots are in cycling, but their message crosses all sports. It was a perfect match and after 4 days of the Tour of Utah complete, the energy between the two groups is astoundingly complimentary.

Team Fluid is privileged to work alongside RideCLEAN and we look forward to many shared challenges and shared successes in the future. Make sure to check out the RideCLEAN bio on the Fluid site:

Thank you friends,

Team Fluid

PS. If you want to support RideCLEAN and clean sport, please pass along this information to someone you know! Thank you!

Tour of Utah - Day 3 Report

Tour of Utah ( www.tourofutah ) Stage 3

This will be a short report as this was a short race (60 minute evening criterium in downtown Salt Lake City) which had no impact on the overall standings. All remaining RIDECLEAN riders made it through to contest today's brutally mountainous race. The race was very well attended and the thunderous cheering was well received. The main impact day 3 had on RIDECLEAN was the abandonment of Ryan Trebon who exited the race after waking up with a sore throat. Not wanting to compromise his mountain bike race next week he rolled out of Park City early in the day. It is a real bummer for the team as Ryan's climbing ability would have been a real asset to Keil Reijnen's bid for the Best Young Rider competition in which he sits tied for 2nd place 1:19 behind Garmin Chipotle's Peter Stetina. Thanks for reading and thanks for your continued support! Stay tuned for today's stage 4 report...

Friday, August 15, 2008

Tour of Utah - Day 2 Report

Stage 2, with over 10,000 ft. of climbing, at the Tour of Utah took its toll on RIDECLEAN.

Although the team was active early in the race (read below from ) some paid heavily for their efforts which resulted in Jon Chodroff DNF'ing. Next to slip away, at the base of the climb, was an eight-rider group, which split on the steep early slopes. Leading the way up the climb were Garmin’s Caldwell and Peter Stetina, joined by BMC’s Scott Nydam. Following behind were Ted King (Bissell) Kiel Reijnen (RideClean), Chris Jones (Team Type 1), Mike Creed (Rock Racing) and points leader Brad White (Successful Living), who spent stage 1 off the front with Donald and Sheldon Deeny (Fan Sports Network composite team). Drew Miller, one of the nation's top climbers over nearly two decades with wins at the Tour of Gila on three occasions, had a rough day, ultimately taking a wrong turn riding behind the race and missing the time cut. Both Ryan Trebon and U-23 rider Kiel Reijnen finished in the top 35, with Kiel staying within striking range (currently in 3rd place) of the best young rider - trailing Garmin Chipotle's Peter Stetina by 1:19 in that competition, respectively. The other three RIDECLEAN members of Jake Rubelt, Brian Forbes and Kyle Colavito, although losing time, are weathering what has been called "America's Toughest Stage Race" well. So the team is down to 5 with a 60 minute Salt Lake City evening criterium in store for tomorrow which will hopefully offer some respite before Saturday's queen stage of climbng galore.

Stay tuned for further updates and thank you for your continued support!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Tour of Utah - Day 1 Report

Stage 1 (Wed, Aug 13th) of the Tour of Utah ( ), considered America's toughest stage race boasting a prize list of $75,000, is in the books for RIDECLEAN. It was a mostly flat and non-selective course and 3 riders were able to hold off the peleton for a 20 second advantage. RIDECLEAN was active in attempting to make a break away group - but the only the original group of 3 were allowed up the road. RIDECLEAN overcame a mechanical and a minor crash to finish without a time loss in the team competition. The team currently holds 3rd place in the best young rider category (under 23) which is a major objective for this race. Today promises to shake things up significantly with 3 mountain passes and over 10,000 ft. of climbing. We hope this results in taking the lead in the best young rider competition.

Here is a pic. of Ryan Trebon trying to "snap the elastic" as Phil Ligget would say.

Stay tuned for further updates and thank you for your continued support!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Fluid Athlete Spotlight William Ansick

Few athletes in the world maintain the determination to run 100 miles in a row. Fluid athlete William Ansick not only has the ability to accomplish this feat, but competes on a national level. This is William's story about the grueling struggle to accomplish such an amazing test of physical endurance.

Race morning was a brisk 50 degrees, which being from Alabama I was not used to at all. Along with the temperature was the elevation, we don't have much of that here either. As the race began I found myself running towards the front of the pack and feeling great. However, as we started I first major climb up to 9000 ft I encountered my first problem with a bit of elevation sickness. With some advice on my breathing at that altitude I was able to recover and continue on at a better pace. On the way back from the turn around, going down a 5 mile decent I caught my foot on a rock and tore my calf muscle and some other muscles in my lower leg. But not knowing it at the time, i gathered myself and continued on. By mile 50 I was dealing with bad dehydration and had lost over 6 lbs but was able to regroup and still continued on. I had some stomach issues at mile 76 and was throwing up, but my coach and crew did a great job of just getting me out of the aid station and back on the trail. At that point I teamed up with an older more experience runner(Karl) and we decided we were going to finish this race together. At mile 90 we realized that we could make it under 28 hours if we pushed hard. Leaving that aid station we started a 1200 ft climb to the tallest peak on the course. Karl and I had been passing people all night and as we made the last climb we continued to pass more people(I believe 4 more) and at the summit stopped only long enough for the mandatory weight check and some liquids and we were off. We ran hard the last 6.7 miles and when Spooner Lake was visible we picked up the pace more and were running at around 7:30 pace with two miles to go. But it paid off and as we rounded the turn to the finish my watch read 27:49. My original goal was to go under 24 hours, but with so many problems I was just happy to finish, and very happy that we pushed hard at the end and at least made it under 28. It was there at the finish that I realized I had done something serious to my leg. It had been bothering me since I fell but I never let it rest long enough to really tighten up, but as we sat there at the finish it started to swell and become very painful. That night I had to go to the doctor because my leg had gone numb and i was starting to worry, and there he told us that I had torn it. Back home, I went to an orthopedic to get it checked out and I tore a couple of muscles, but the tendons are still in tact so recovery won't be too bad and I should be back to racing and training in a handful of weeks. Looking back on it my coach, my crew, and even myself are surprised I was able to finish with that kind of injury. That finish got me 25th overall of a 160 registered for the race and 8th male in the USATF 100 mile national championship.

We wish William the best of luck on his recovery and we cannot wait to see what happens next in this athletes endurance career.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Fluid Single Serving Packets Now Available!

Hey everyone!

We are proud to announce that our Tropical Escape Single Serving Packets are now available online or by contacting your local Fluid representative. Made with zero artificial ingredients and 100% recyclable aluminum foil, the single serving pack is the affordable way to take Fluid on the go!

Pre-orders are now being taken with shipping within the week!

Team Fluid