Monday, June 2, 2008

Fluid Athlete Jeff Bice Says..

Professional athletes everywhere are discovering Fluid, listen to what they have to say! The following is posted on Sponsorhouse, an online athletic community.

"Hey, I know we all hate bulletins, that`s why I rarely send them. But I have got to tell you guys about FLUID. I train and ride a LOT, so getting a good recovery is of paramount importance. Normally, on leg day at the gym I`m crawling out of there barely able to walk, and usually very, very sore for a couple of days. Yesterday was my leg day, and let me tell you...even after finishing up with squatting 5 plates per side I downed the usual 2 scoops of FLUID and I`m FINE today! I`m not sore at all. I can tell I worked out but the usual agony is nowhere to be found. And against what I`d normally see as over training I even did a few sprints last night, and set a new personal record for leg speed. Yes, on the same day I did heavy squats.

FLUID rocks, folks. If you train for a sport I strongly urge you to look into FLUID. It works."

Jeff Bice, pro BMX racer

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