Sunday, June 1, 2008

Bryan McDonnell, A Fluid Athlete

Team Fluid Highlight: Bryan McDonnell wins age group at St. Anthony's Triathlon!
St. Petersburg, FL

Bryan McDonnell, a newly named Team Fluid Athlete won his age group at St. Anthony's Triathlon this past weekend in a smokin fast time of 2:05:09! This is a PR for Bryan, and he won his age group by over 2 minutes! In fact, he would have been in the top 20 in the elite division! Looks like Bryan will need to step it up in the ranks next year and go for the Elite Title!

Bryan is from Parlin, New Jersey where there is a long line of successful triathletes born and bread (we are not positive on that fact :) He has been training with Fluid and says, " I love it during my long rides, and after my hard workouts."

Bryan is living strong, living healthy, and living FLUID!

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