Sunday, June 1, 2008

Fluid Athlete Zak Noles

Team Fluid Highlight: Zak Noles Wins Age Group National Duathlon Championships!

Richmond, VA

Last Sunday, Team Fluid member Zak Noles secured the 20-24 Age group national championship spot with a smoking finish and even with a mid race crash. He posted a 36 min 10k, then a 1:09 bike for 40km, then a 18 min 5k to bring it all home!

Rumor has it that Zak was leading the entire race until an unfortunate bicycle collision introduced Zak to the pavement in a hurry. He quickly got up, and hammered after the pack chasing them and picking them off all the way through the run to secure the win!

Great job Zak, we're proud of you!!

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