Sunday, June 29, 2008

The Easy Way, or The Right Way?

With the Tour De France readily approaching, I am sure the question on many minds is... How many riders will be busted for doping this year? With the Rasmussen and friends fiasco last year we can only assume that things have changed; or have they? With the emergence of the EPO performance enhancing drug, which we have learned that it cannot be detected by testing, the chances are that most racers will choose to participate in taking this banned substance. It is almost heart breaking to think that the one time great athletes of the world might be just your run of the mill cheaters. When did doping become okay? Is it simply that it is now readily available and the athletes need the edge on the competition because everyone is taking it? If so this is a vicious circle that needs to be squashed. The tour of old where grit and determination won the crown may have passed, but that does not mean that it cannot return. New forms of enhancing performance need to be implemented into the cycling world. There are plenty of natural ways to get a riders body back for the next stage. If the riders pounded down some legal recovery products we would not have to suspect cheating when a rider dominates a hill stage. We would be able to witness what is helping him and cheer him on like we all did with Lance. We are trying on our end of the spectrum to promote our product that we believe is that safe, healthy form of recovery that can be used. We need the revolution to begin, we all need to step up and stop talking about the problem and promote the answer. We believe we have the answer in Fluid. This is not an overnight task, this will be hard and grueling. But what fun is there without a struggle? Will you allow the easy way to be the only way, or will you join us to support the right way? Live healthy, Live long, Live Fluid.

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