Sunday, June 1, 2008

Safe Recovery

Steroids have caused the athletes of this new century to develop a smarter training method. A new dimension of exercise has emerged among these athletes all over the country, that dimension is how can an athlete recover for his/her workout and do it naturally and Safely. With this emergence, new ideas, theories and formulas have arisen from the scientific and academic worlds. One such formula has come out of the central coast of California with fantastic results. Fluid, a product of NEHP, has jumped onto the radar screens with endorsements from athletes from all walks of life including such sports as Triathlons, Major League Baseball and Mixed Martial Arts Fighting. Started as a senior project at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, this athlete run company is giving their two cents on the recovery revolution. Founders David Brown, M.S. USAT, CPT and Richard Smith B.S. CSCS, CPT understand not only the needs of the athlete in a physical aspect but in the nutritional based facet as well; offering a nutritional based learning program on their website that proceeds to give detailed advice and information. With steroidal abuse at its highest peak at the moment, safe and effective means for the post-workout recovery has never been more necessary. Companies such as Fluid, that can offer this service to a wide variety of athletes, are a dime a dozen but essential to today’s smarter athletes.

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