Monday, June 23, 2008

Love what you do..

What is sport? Is sport the competition, the field, the pure athleticism? Or is sport anything we choose to do that makes us feel good even when things look there worst? We compete and strive to be the best because it feels good, not because we have to. Sport on most levels is volunteer and we could walk away at any point. But we never do. We may spend weeks trying to get our 200m time down only to trip at the start. We might practice that perfect golf swing only to have someone yell in our back swing. But we don't quit. Because in sport there is always next time. Sport will never walk away from you. My friends that is what sport is; sport is the one thing in our lives that there is always a next time. You fail at work, you're fired. You fail a test, its final. But when you fail to strikeout the last batter of the game, guess what, there is always tomorrow in sport. When things are looking worse and you don't feel like you have got another season in you, you can hang em up. Sure, but someday when your kids kids are playing in the back yard you will feel that adrenaline, that kick of emotion that reminds you that you are and will forever be an athlete. Here is to you my friends, my brothers and sisters on the field of play. Live life, love life, Live Fluid.

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