Monday, November 24, 2008

Where was Fluid this weekend?

Saturday, November 23rd 2008
Grand Opening of PV Bicycle Center

A spectacular Saturday Morning started at 8am in Palos Verdes. Team Fluid was out supporting the grand opening of a spectacular new Specialized Bikes Concept Store in Souther California. The morning started with a 2 hour MTB ride with legend Ned "The Captain" Overend. It was a wonderful experience to be out on the trail with one of the most accomplished men to ever ride a bike!

One of our good friends, TJ Tollakson, was there working with the Specialized crew, and gave a short talk on how to be the most sexy triathlete ever. It was a good talk, and always a pleasure to see him out of Iowa! We will see him again in Tucson AZ in a few months at Trifest!

Day 2: Socal Cross Prestige Series in Irvine!

Another beautiful day in Orange County as racers were ready for a hard day of cross racing! The race was the SCNCA points championship, and it was a great one indeed! It was the second straight day finding Ned Overend at an event. He had a great race getting 5th in the pro field! The race came down to a spring finish with Brent Prenzlow from Celo Pacific edging out Chance Noble from California Giant Strawberry by a nose! It was a dramatic finish between the two southern california powerhouses! As always, Fluid was on tap! See you next week in Glendale for the Turkey Cross race!

With love,

Rich, Dave, and all of Team Fluid

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