Friday, November 7, 2008

Fluid Review by GrannyGear!

Several weeks ago, Team Fluid made contact with Michael Troy, a southern California MTB enthusiastic who's also a contributor to several online magazines and blogs. Mike has been putting Fluid to the test, here's the post on his personal blog from today:


Enter Fluid.

I have been reviewing this for The Bike Lab and so far it has been perfect. I will let you do your own research at the Fluid site and you can read about it for yourself, but so far I am amazed at how I feel the next day after I follow up a hard ride with a bottle of Fluid. I want to finish the jar of Fluid before I pronounce it truly blessed, and I plan on doing some very long rides this year and next. As of right now, you could not pry the jar of seemingly magic powder out of my cycling gloved fingers.


There you have it friends! Make sure to check out Michael Troy's personal blog site as well as his first product review on The Bike Lab!

Hope you all have a great weekend!

Team Fluid

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