Monday, November 10, 2008

Weekend Race Recap, UCI CROSS!

Southern California Cross prestige Series #6 and #7
Hansen Damn, California

November 8th-9th, 2008

Another killer weekend of Cross Racing in sunny Southern California. Back to back races at Hansen Damn proved to be enough for most of our bottoms! The extremely bumpy course was awesome! Fast sections, hard turns, killer run-ups, and a band singing about Iguanas and Zebras. Can you ask for anything more? The race on Saturday featured some amazing Talent with Brent Prenzlow squeeking out a win over Jitter Joes racer Chris Jones! It was also Fluid founder, Richard Smith's first race in the cat 4s. Richard took a very impressive 7th place!

Day 2 was the UCI sanctioned Dam Cross! It was another beautiful day! The Fluid boys were out racing for the second straight day! The pro race was amazing with a dominant performance by California Giant Strawberry's Rachel Lloyd taking the women's win! Chris Jones had his revenge with an impressive "come-from-behind" victory! The Noble duo of Chance, and his father Mark rounded out the podium as well!

As always, Fluid loves cross, and loves the Prestige series. When you come to race cross in Socal, you will always have a cold glass of Fluid at the finish!

With love,

Rich, Dave, and all of team Fluid

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