Monday, July 14, 2008

What is Tough?

Many could say that running a half iron man is a tough act. Others could say that running a half marathon with a injury to their foot is tough. What if you had to do both? Could you finish?

Will power is such an amazing tool that we athletes have and one Fluid Athlete, Bryan McDonnell, has will power beyond many of us.

During the Providence Iron man 70.3 Bryan came off of T2 on pace to smash his PR time at this distance. However two miles into the run he was plagued by a monster blister. At one point he had to stop at the aid station due to the fact that his shoe was covered in blood. Most would have stopped here and thrown in the towel due to injury. Most would have wrapped their foot up and kept off of it for two days; Not Brian. He was able to walk/run the rest of the half marathon and still finish in 4:43, which is only four minutes slower than his personal best. Amazing!

Tough is not just saying you can do something in a rough situation. Tough is doing it and being able to tell listeners later on about the experience. I tip my hat to you Bryan. You truly are a Triathlete.

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