Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Courtney Crutcher Looped Featured Athlete

We are proud to announce that Fluid Pro Triathlete Courtney Crutcher has been honored by as the Looped Triathlon Featured Athlete! Coming off her division win at the Buffalo Springs lake Half Ironman, Courtney has proven that she is one of the top female Triathletes in the business. We could not be more proud to have such an amazing member on our team. Courtney has provided nothing but undying support since her conception as a Team Fluid Member. Any and all companies would be hard pressed to find an athlete as dedicated and as pleasant as she is on a daily basis. With personal milestones and celebrations approaching in the future for her, we can only say Congrats! and we all hope everything goes well. Good luck on the rest of the season Courtney!