Thursday, July 17, 2008

Fluid Athlete of The Week Karra Colgan

Our featured athlete of this week is Karra Colgan. Karra competes at an extremely high level in the world of Martial arts, Karate to be more specific. Recently at the 2008 USKA World Championships in New Orleans, LA Karra came home with some pretty impressive titles. She placed 1st in the adult KYU weapons competition and first in womens brown belt form. She also placed second in brown belt womens sparring championship. Among all of the competition Karra was able to walk away as Adult KYU Weapons Grand Champion. Needless to say that is impressive.

Karra is not only a competitor but a mother of two and owns and runs, with her husband, a Karate School (Shozen Martial Arts USA).

We are proud to have this wonderful athlete, teacher and person as a part of Team Fluid. I only listed a minute amount of accomplishments that Karra has achieved and we all know that she will continue to strive for success in the Future.

Good Luck Karra!

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karrared said...

Thank you so much for making me your athlete of the week. I am truly honored to represent such a great company with an awesome product!
-Karra Colgan