Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Fluid Health Tip of the Week

So you want to get back to living a healthy lifestyle, but you don't know where to start. There are some basics that you must follow in order to get yourself not only looking better but more importantly feeling better.

1.) DRINK WATER!! It is not only essential to sustain hydration, it is a tool that we overlook sometimes. Do not go drinking down an energy drink and think that you have liquids in you. You body needs water to survive. Everyone has different needs as far as water goes and the whole eight by eight rule might not be right for you. Divide your body weight by two and that is how many ounces you NEED to be drinking.

2.) Vitamins are key. While we might not all have the time or the money to eat rich leafy green vegetables at every meal, or the will power for that matter. Our bodies still need essential vitamins that occur naturally. Multi-vitamins are a great source of complex vitamins. Depending on what your body needs you can go a purchase all vitamins at your local nutrition store. B-12 to Fish Oil, these vitamin supplements can serve as a great way to avoid asparagus prices.

3.) Put down the Fork. Plain and simple people, eating less is not a crime. Leaving food on your plate is not immoral. Feeling so bloated after a meal is a sign that maybe you should not have ordered the foot long or the dessert.

4.) Take the batteries out of your remote. On your days off from the grind, head outside and do some yard work. Take a walk with someone you love, buy an old beat up mountain bike and take it for a spin. Burning some calories is better than no calories and you are doing your heart a favor. Watching the Tour on TV is all great, but if you feel guilty for not riding your bike in a long time, go ahead... Its waiting.

5.) Last but not least, Do not stress. Don't expect overnight results from anything. In our world today there are countless products that offer a miracle cure for losing weight and getting healthy. You could have a pill that sucks out thirty pounds of fat overnight, but does that mean you are healthy? No, health is a state of mind and takes time to cultivate. Find joy in your workouts, don't eat a little and workout a ton only to get in shape. Ride your bike to have a good time, and eat healthy food because it tastes good. Do not let image stress you out, live healthy, live long, live Fluid.

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