Monday, December 22, 2008

SoCal Cyclocross Ends with a Smile!

The Socal Cross Prestige Series came to an end on Sunday. It went out with a bang! The racing was fun and fierce. Most of the racers we spoke with agreed that it was the hardest race of the season. The course was brutal with 3 legit climbs, and a steep run-up! It was a wonderful end to a wonderful season! We will all be looking forward to the fun next year! All of us here at Fluid want to give a huge THANK YOU to Dorothy Wong for organizing the series this year, and making it wonderful! It was an honor for Fluid to help watch this wonderful sport gorw and mature in Southern California!

If you still have not raced cross, there are a couple races left in January as part of the Fever Series! Fluid will be in its hometown of San Luis Obispo on January 11 for Vine Cross! Don't Miss it!

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