Saturday, October 25, 2008

Genuine Testimonials

At Fluid HQ, we look forward to feedback on our products every day. Here's a great testimonial we just received from a long time endurance athlete and coach that we'd like to share with you:


I just wanted to take the time to let you know my feelings on your product. I got a jug of Tropical Escape a few weeks ago and I'm just getting a chance to use the product regularly.

It's the BEST TASTING recovery drink I've ever used. Period. I used to really like Powerbar Recovery but your product puts it away for good. I'm stoked about the fact that you use whey protein, but the whey formula in your product mixes so well and doesn't end up clumpy and gross like other drinks I've tried (especially Recoverite). It almost gives the drink a creamy flavor. The L-Glutamine really seals the deal. I discovered that Glutamine was key for my muscle recovery several years ago. It's nice to find a company that sees its importance as well.

In the future I'm going to do some tests to see how your product will work for me as nutrition during long endurance events such as half ironman and long road races.

Anyway, I hope you find my feedback helpful and encouraging. Keep up the good work and look forward my improved training and performance now that I'm hooked on Fluid!

Nathan Chaszeyka
Las Vegas Multisport


Thanks for the feedback Nathan! Always great to discover a new fan! Make sure to check out our friends at Las Vegas Multisport here!


Rich & Dave, The Fluid Guys

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