Saturday, August 16, 2008

Wait...what is all this Tour of Utah RideCLEAN stuff?

Hello Friends!

Ok, it just occurred to us at Fluid that you may have no idea what we're talking about with all this Tour of Utah biz...

Here's the deal - Fluid is about more than a really good recovery drink. Fluid is about honesty, health, and progression in sports and sports science. The option of cheating in competition in sport has existed as long as sport itself, but has become more prevalent in recent history as the monetary stakes have risen. Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens, Marion Jones, Tyler Hamilton - all heroes at one time or another in different sports, found later to have used a banned substance to get them to their competitive peak.

Several months ago, Fluid founders David Brown and Richard Smith pledged to spearhead a campaign on education, innovation, and clean sport rather than shortcuts. The very next day, they were introduced to the founders of RideCLEAN by total coincidence. RideCLEAN is an organization committed to promoting CLEAN sport through education and top tier clean athlete examples. No cheating, no shortcuts, just fair competition and lots of it. Their roots are in cycling, but their message crosses all sports. It was a perfect match and after 4 days of the Tour of Utah complete, the energy between the two groups is astoundingly complimentary.

Team Fluid is privileged to work alongside RideCLEAN and we look forward to many shared challenges and shared successes in the future. Make sure to check out the RideCLEAN bio on the Fluid site:

Thank you friends,

Team Fluid

PS. If you want to support RideCLEAN and clean sport, please pass along this information to someone you know! Thank you!

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Marcus said...

Keep up the good work at promoting RideClean. I mentioned the effort when presenting at REI on Thursday on off-road triathlons.